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Automobile export broken million car brand into the deep water area challenge upgrade
Source : [Posted on Feb 4,2013 at 14:23]

As the gap between China and developed countries in automobile manufacturing capabilities continue to shrink, the automobile export is becoming China's automobile enterprises independent development hot spot and point of growth. In the past 2012, China's automobile exports reached a record 1050000 units, once again confirmed this judgment.

There is a saying: the original automobile export is to other countries and regions to sell the car, and it is also in the local factories the production and sales of automobile. In the reality, this argument is clearly in the " across the customs to see exports", only to see the flow of commodities in the geographical sense, only to see the enterprise sales figures change representation. Today, China's automobile exports, to car company, its connotation and significance, to "advanced " much.

First, China automobile enterprise, has the creator from change of export bystanders, participant, promoter for export. After many years of sustained development, China's automobile enterprises manufacturing capabilities, product development resources have some accumulation, products have a qualitative leap. But how to make force, the existing production products play a greater role, more and more attention to is the corporate strategy. Chery, Geely, Lifan, SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, China National Heavy Duty Truck and so on enterprise, is under pressure from the export of bystanders, gradually turned into export of the participants, and then into the export agents and creator. The regional market system at the end of the extension, rather than improve sales figures, rather than increase the enterprise to the fierce competition strategic leeway, therefore inevitably to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises to open up new opportunities.

Two, China's auto export enterprises, has from the pure products trade or simple local producers transition for the automotive market, international marketing. Chery, Geely, Yutong enterprises that experience, China's automobile exports, is not only to chart a fresh market, catch a lively fashion, grab a others space. From the nature and connotation of traditional trade, automobile exports, has evolved into a production and sales of a new experience, an international marketing dynamic learning. In several auto export " large" view, automobile exports, like marketing mind enterprise internationalization experience and the internationalization strategy of energy release, personalized understanding and flow of car consumption demand under the different cultural background perception. The author realized generally promote the enterprise of automobile internationalization cognition.

Three, China's automobile exports challenges, from a simple product promotion, network expansion, export policy use, " made in China" brand maintenance and other basic fields, push to improve the enterprise's own brand "deep water area ". The knowledge of the past have, but now because of enterprise scale and more urgent and realistic. Many export enterprises, mutual competition, competition, there are laws of the market despite the "rat droppings ". The past, we put this kind of behavior is attributed to the business ethics issues. Now, it is more important is the brand level problem. Any marketing -- or the price, channel, promotion of products or whether, or -- should not also be independent of the brand to use. An enterprise bargaining, playing shot-for-one place wantonly in exports, it first departure not to Germany, but its own brand spirit; it caused the loss, is not only the " made in China" this brand, is the enterprise's own brand. Therefore, not only to look forward and called on business ethics meaning enterprises to self-discipline, more enterprises to invest in the brand strategy of warning.

After the total size of the export of more than 1 million, the evaluation of an enterprise exports, not just see it, how much exports, but also to see whether it has the internationalization strategy and a steady routine, to see whether it was doing international brand.

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