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Beijing years ago car prices non-member wash a car 200
Source : [Posted on Feb 4,2013 at 14:21]

"Take a car to 200 yuan? Did I hear that right. Citizens Mr. Li 's car got a thick layer of dust, but he went to the car, but was told a " magical" price. The 27 day, the reporter visited the market found that the Spring Festival approaching, the workers home background, there are some wash for non-members "super car ", but even so, still can not stop the rolling flow.

" On the fifth day of the fifth lunar January first, non-member car prices from 60 yuan a raised to 200 yuan a, waxing and polishing the price adjustment to 400 yuan, and other services to non-members will be in accordance with the two times the price of ordinary uniform charge. " Yesterday afternoon, reporter saw in the Yuefu Lugu shop, is Mr. Li called " incredible" the price is marked in the shop.

Even if is the business mark this price, queuing queues but did not reduce the car, the door stood nearly 30 cars. However, this does not mean consumers have no criticism.

"A year ago prices, you say wash or not wash? According to this price, we will become a ' big '? " While queuing time, Mr. Cha Kotake with the staff launched. " You do not have a membership card, calculate come down to wash a only 20 yuan, more proper. " A staff member explained. If staff said, in front of the store significant position, in a notice posted: non-member individual temporary price adjustment, customer car price unchanged.

" I think the business mark this price is not necessarily to ' rip ', is to attract more tourists to do membership cards. " A queuing owners said, he was being fit 200 yuan car price " jump ", but considered to do the membership card. " It 's a lot cheaper. "

Why businesses will mark the individual single car 200 yuan?

" We each employee a day to 40 cars, now want to rub 60 cars, it is hard-pressed to. " Fu company relevant responsible person said, because many employees to return home before, now even the administrative personnel to the frontline to help ease the workload, the washer is increased by 2/3, to 11 when the number of stores operating. "Some tourists feel your nature is not to wash, this is to protect the interests of members, two is to attract individual membership card. "

The provisional price also includes some non - chain wash. " I usually wash a car is twenty or thirty dollars, yesterday, some shops bid 60 dollars! " The Spring Festival this year to return to his home in Mr., the big new year, the car must be clean. A few days before the busy work, he had to wait two days out of the car, who knows the car price was rising up, simply wash the car spent 60 yuan.

Reporter visited the market found, because before the Spring Festival the employment difficulties and the car needs a strong contrast, " car wash row brigade " become the norm. In Yizhuang, Grand View Garden of minority nationalities, chengshousi, Panjiayuan, east city of Victoria, as long as there is a car wash business normally, wait a hundred meters are common. It is in the huge market demand, the car wash shop is almost keep step with this "temporary price list", improve the vehicle prices across the board.

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