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Mergers and acquisitions car prices need to endure loneliness
Source : [Posted on Feb 4,2013 at 14:18]

With the " guiding opinions on promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises in key industries " ( hereinafter referred to as the " opinions " ) release, as a focus on promoting the industry merger and reorganization, merger and reorganization of automobile enterprises will again. With policy support, believe that will soon have the good came.

The merger and reorganization among automobile enterprises to enhance core competitiveness, which is relatively weak domestic automobile enterprises to one path of strong, but in the enterprise strength is not strong, lack of inclusive enterprise culture and regional differences and other factors, from the merger and reorganization to step to the powerful, auto companies have a long way to go, all parties need to endure loneliness.

Industrial concentration is not high, the strength is not strong is typical of the domestic auto industry, which is the " opinions " and other related policy on the introduction of the original intention. But the characteristics of the domestic automobile enterprises strength is not strong and hinders merger and reorganization of the effect. In general, the merger and reorganization occurs between a strong and weak enterprise, enterprise strength dominates, it can from the human, material and financial resources, and technology etc. enhance the strength of the weaker one. But the domestic automobile enterprises strong not strong, although in a variety of factors, the annexation of a party or parties, but in the subsequent work often appear bloated phenomenon, not only for the other blood transfusion, even oneself also need to support, not to mention the support. Changan merger and reorganization Hafei and Changhe when, had outlined a blueprint, but the merger and reorganization has no obvious effect, but also in the transfer, production qualification issues and Changhe bukekaijiao. If Changan has a strong enough strength, can solve the Changhe concerns, believe that all the problems are not the problem, but the fact is from Changan, the goal is still not a small distance. Similarly, in the dealer level, these two years there have been many cases of merger and reorganization, but more is the cumulative 4S shop number, enterprise strength has not improved significantly, this trend can be seen from its stock price. To enhance the strength of an enterprise is not a day to day in and day out, accumulation, involving a number of enterprises will be longer.

In addition, in the process of merger and reorganization of enterprises, cultural conflict can hardly be avoided, which tested the enterprise management ability and tolerance. The merger and reorganization among automobile enterprises relates to tens of thousands of even tens of thousands of people, how to make the enterprise culture fusion between the two sides, not only related to the development of enterprises, but also related to the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people's lives, especially for the merger and reorganization of the party, how to resolve the conflict, how to reflect the inclusiveness of enterprises, and how to let the identity of the new enterprise, this needs to lead a strong corporate culture foundation. While the domestic automobile enterprises in the enterprise management and corporate culture are no extraordinary strength, which leads to the fusion time will be very long and twists and turns.

Of course, not because of the strength of automobile enterprises is not strong enough to hold the merger and reorganization, but to develop a long-term development strategy in the process of merger and reorganization, the change is not only temporary, while the amount of instant success. At the same time, the merger and reorganization of object selection is also important, choose a relatively good fusion of the enterprise, the running-in time is shorter, otherwise the bigger and stronger of the road will be long. The domestic automobile enterprise's management also needs to perfect and improve, which restricts the merger and reorganization of the effect, delaying the bigger and stronger of the time, all these need their own efforts and time to solve.

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