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Yunmeng New-world Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
About Us
         Yunmeng New-world Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is one of the important gearbox manufacturers in China, specializing in production for 30 years of Power-take-off gearbox, transmission gearbox, transfer gearbox for various types of automobiles made in China and in foreign countries, and different kinds of Full Power-take-off gearboxes, It also manufacture other gearboxes for airport ground-supporting vehicles and in-room cleaning machines. The products are supplied to main domestic special vehicle (automobile) manufacturers and military truck producers and some are exported to the U.S.A. and EU countries.

The company now has about 300 personnel, of them 36 are technicians and 4 are senior engineers, the quality control and product service team are consisted by 13 special trained workers. For many years of specialized experience, the company has developed by itself a set of perfect quality control system ISO19001-2000 and an in-time marketing & service system for our customers, and encouraging mechanisms for product development and quality improvement. and these in combination with our initiative teem-work employees and advanced machining tools, we can supplied products to our customer's satisfactory.

We will continue to take our own advantages and double efforts on enforcing our products development and promotion capabilities, expanding business domains to keep step with our customers.
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Fax: 86-0712-4325521
Country: China (Mainland)
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